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Tempe, AZ Estate Planning Lawyer Helps Protect What Matters Most

Safeguards for your family, your autonomy and the wealth you’ve built

Estate planning is an area of the law where you can be proactive about protecting yourself and your family. You’ve worked hard to acquire whatever worldly wealth you hold, so it is well worth the modest investment required to protect it. With a comprehensive estate plan, you can enjoy your assets during your lifetime and pass them as you desire to your heirs later on. At Seiter Law, PLLC, I believe there are three major purposes of an estate plan:

  • Comfort — In emergencies or times of grief, your estate plan can provide comfort for your family. Seeing your intentions clearly stated takes pressure off your loved ones. Without those directions, they would be forced to decide what to do during an emotionally difficult time. Receiving a legacy from you reminds them of the affection you shared and eases their sense of loss.
  • Guidance — Your incapacity or death creates a void and can leave your loved ones wondering what to do next. Your estate plan provides guidance in crucial areas, such as your healthcare choices, how to manage finances, and whom to appoint as guardians of your minor children.
  • Support — You naturally want to be financially self-sufficient even as you face the infirmities of old age, and your dependents may still require financial support after your incapacity or death. Prudent estate planning considers various contingencies under which your assets could be freed to serve your best interests or to assist your loved ones, and to ensure this happens in a timely manner.

As a family man, I consider the care and protection of my wife and children to be my foremost duty. It gratifies me to help my clients implement strategies to achieve these same goals for themselves.

Knowledgeable estate planning attorney addresses your concerns

One of the things that attracted me to estate planning is the extent to which this area of the law can provide practical solutions carefully tailored to my client’s unique needs. In many areas of the law, the attorney must oppose the client’s desires, warning, “You can’t do that. That’ll create trouble.” With estate planning, I get to work with clients who are acting from the purest motives — the love of their family — and I get to tell them, “You can do that. Let me show you how.”

The process starts with a carefully crafted questionnaire designed to help you focus on your goals. What follows is a relaxed conversation about your life, your various circumstances, and your priorities for the future. Many people put off making an estate plan, thinking it requires a ponderous examination of mortality. But, really, my clients spend much of the time talking about how they love their spouse, their children and their grandchildren. Then we get down to the brass tacks of how best to plan for a secure future. When you’re ready to discuss estate planning, I am ready to listen and help you craft a plan that addresses your specific concerns in a comprehensive manner.

Contact a dedicated estate planning lawyer in Tempe, AZ

Seiter Law, PLLC provides comprehensive, personalized estate plans for clients in Tempe and vicinity. If you’re not quite sure about the necessity of an estate plan for yourself, take advantage of a free consultation. Call us today at 480-779-4636 or contact our Tempe office online.


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